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Welcome to the Storyteller website - a glance into my world. Here you will find a collection of creations and ventures I've been blessed to make during my trip upon this little blue marble, made available to help and guide others.

At heart, I am an author, screenwriter, composer, producer, and musician; lover of life that seeks to inspire the greatness in others. But above all else, a storyteller to this world for those that want to listen.

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Sonalkiss for Kontakt Virtual Instrument

Experience the original - and only - virtual instrument for music creators that provides real-time playback and control of binaural and solfeggio tones. What began as a pair of personal projects for iOS went on to become the highest rated and most downloaded pair of holistic and meditative apps on the iOS AppStore. And now, the technology behind those apps is newly available for music creators who use popular programs such as ProTools, Cubase, Reaper, Sonar, Digital Performer, and more!

The Sonalkiss apps changed the game 7 years ago. Now it is time to change the game again in music creation.

- Check out Sonalkiss | Primordial Sounds of Creation for Kontakt, February 2019 -

Let's Connect

Please feel free to reach out to me. Maybe it's about writing, producing, directing, or scoring. Perhaps it is about OTR or some of the apps and products available on iOS and Kontakt. Or maybe it's just to get acquainted. Regardless of reason, I look forward to speaking with you.